40 First Dates


Brits don’t date – An English girl learns to date American-style by going on 40 first dates.

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  1. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog.

    Do you mind an imitator? My husband died a year ago and recently I’ve been thinking I should try and get out more socially and maybe meet a few more people, as he made me promise to do.

    I did have a first date the other day and it was so all sorts of wrong that it made me laugh a lot. I was thinking that I might do what you are doing; date and then blog about. I might call it ‘Thirty First Dates’, though; I don’t believe I have the stamina to do any more than that. I was thinking that I’d have certain rules about it, such as wearing the same outfit each time, choosing the same venue/same food or drink…

    And also, on the the grounds that you never know until you are stretched out of your comfort zone, I have to say ‘yes’ to every date that is suggested to me (except for prison inmate hookups).

    If this is too weird for you, please let me know. I thought it might be quite fun and I wanted to link your blog on mine, as the inspiration for this. Currently, I write at the website above, as the fifth or sixth I’ve written, but I would do a separate one for this.

    Anyway, regardless of the outcome, thank you for writing so amusingly about your social life.



    Comment by kitty — November 17, 2009 @ 5:31 am | Reply

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